The “REAL CHALLENGE” is to “UTILIZE THE OPPORTUNITIES WITH SPEED” and you can only do it when you will get power to “WORK ON THE BUSINESS” instead of working in the business.

In this workshop, you will learn


    Does the busyness of “routine tasks” and “daily firefighting” not allowing you to focus on the growth of your business? Do you want the power and strength to execute with 10x Speed?

    Learn the art of working on the business by improving “3 TYPES” of willpower with the help of “3-EASY METHOD” which allows you to execute with speed despite being busy!


    Habits are the pillars of execution but most of us are unable to maintain the habits which allow us to execute with speed and it is so necessary to maintain these habits.

    Learn the “ONE PRACTICAL METHOD” which always works to redevelop your habits whenever you want & get the power to control your mind, instead of your mind controlling you.


    Nothing will change if you will not change!

    Learn the science behind change so that you can work on roots and can bring change faster.


    Remember the preparation of future starts in present! And in order to get the best out of your future, you need to define the future.

    Learn the “STEP BY STEP” methodology to create a long-term strategy which allows you to even plan for more than 5 years.


    Focus is different for every human being! It is important to know what works specifically for you (business owner) and what doesn’t work for you!


    Learn about “science-based tools” to help you master execution on growth and also “4 mistakes” made by business owners, which stops them to do massive work on their business growth.

>> MOST IMPORTANT – In this Seminar, YOU WILL GET practical tools and strategies, which Gaurav Arora usually charges 6 figures from his clients.

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(This seminar is only for business owners)


With his SPECIALISED KNOWLEDGE and MASTERY on the subject of FOCUS. Gaurav has helped me intensely to use my knowledge, experience and intelligence to move confidently towards INSANELY GREAT GOALS. Thank you for concentrating my efforts in the right direction and bringing out the best in me. You are an incredible coach and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Manjit Singh Saini


The biggest challenge of any business owner is the execution of the goals/plans set for the business. Gaurav has worked with me on creating habits which have helped me work laser-focused on tasks. This has potential to grow business by 10x this year. Thank you so very much, Gaurav.

Rahat A Bhatia


Gaurav’s expertise towards bringing change and producing results is commendable. My growth target was 33% but in one of his session, he encouraged me to choose a path of discomfort and we increased the target to 70%. The best part is, I achieved the target of 70% because of his proper follow-ups and focus mastery coaching. I recommend Gaurav Arora’s Focus Mastery Coaching to every entrepreneur as I believe his coaching strategy and his expertise can make a big result in your life and in your business.

Dhiraj Arora


Gaurav’s way of coaching is so incredible! First, he took all data from me regarding my schedules and my priorities and then he started giving me the Personal Mastery Sessions. His methods were scientific and effective, the impact was so great that many important tasks which were pending from last 6 months got completed in only 20 days of coaching and the best part is that within 3 months of coaching I have already completed 50% of my book which I was thinking to write from many days. You cannot afford not to be coached by him.

Dr. Rakesh Balooni



Gaurav Arora is India's only Focus Mastery™ coach. He is known for his expertise in helping business owners develop Growth-Dominated schedules. He has transformed the mindset of over 4,000 people during the past 5 years and personally coached 50+ esteemed and successful entrepreneurs (some with 100+ crore turnover) over past 2.5 years.

Gaurav Arora’s foolproof execution strategy has not only helped his personal coaching clients 2X their business in eight months flat, but also fulfill their long-awaited dream of writing a book, not to mention highly improved productivity resulting in tremendous business growth and other fascinating results.

Hailing from humble begingings with his father being a newspaper vendor and mother a housewife, it wasn't easy for Gaurav to drop out from CA just 11 months before his final exams. It was his enthusiasm and dedication that gave him the vision to become a Coach at the age of 22 and he started with almost no money, no formal domain education, no support, no degree and no certifications. Today he is considered as one of the most sought & respected Coach in India. His audience of business owners range from the age-group of 25 to 58 years... all seeking Gaurav’s famous Execution based Focus Mastery™ Coaching.